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Freehold Elite Gymnastics Parent & Me

Parent & Me (walking to 2 ½ years)
This class is the first step to helping your child build a strong foundation in their physical ability.
What the program offers is a playful, fun, parent and child class centered around age appropriate developmental movements using special gymnastic pre-school equipment. 
This is an emphasis on socialization and group involvement as well as music and rhythm.  Come join us as we guide your child through a fun program.  Your child will enjoy having fun while sliding, rolling, jumping on trampoline, popping bubbles, tossing bean bags, singing songs, parachute and more.

All class are 45 minutes.
Tuesday thru Friday and Saturday
Week Day Hours:   9:30  /  10:15  /  11:15
Saturday Hours:  9:15  / 10:15 / 11:15

Phone Number: 732-400-8555    Email: