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Competitive Programs are by invitation only. Unlike our recreational class program where gymnasts may sign up at any time, space and ability concerns limit the number of gymnasts who can be on team.

  • Already on a team program elsewhere; they are screened and evaluated during one of our team workouts and are placed accordingly.

  • “Spotted” in our class program who are ready for team and are extended an invitation to workout with the team.

  • Parent or gymnast asks to be evaluated prior to the start of the season. 

Gymnasts get onto the team programs by several avenues:


All invitations to team should be viewed as a temporary position until a probationary period has passed (approx. 1-2 months). This will allow the coaching staff a longer time to fully evaluate the gymnast, as to how they cope with training (team) versus working out (recreational program), their mental approach, how they handle stress, fear, etc. 
Team is considered to be a year-round commitment and summer training is a requirement.

Placement at a level and advancement to a higher level
is dependent on many variables, some of which include:

Current skill level - success at current level - individual desire - coachability - competitive experience - age - attendance - mental attitude - potential for success at higher level - individual confidence and courage - team orientation and spirit - work ethic - physical abilities – strength/flexibility - parental support.

Freehold Gymnastics

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